Resources for Parents

Top 10 Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Online Safety and Privacy

  1. Protect Your Computer and Devices: Install a firewall and antivirus software on your computer and mobile devices. Regularly update them. Seek help if needed.
  2. Screen Time in Common Areas: Encourage children to use computers, mobile devices, and other screens in common areas. This allows you to explore the internet together. Let them teach you about new technologies.
  3. Set Family Rules: Define how much screen time children can have per day or week on the internet or with mobile devices. Follow guidelines from Slovenian paediatricians based on the child’s age.
  4. Open Dialogue About Internet Use: Instead of outright banning internet use, engage in conversations with your children about their online activities. Encourage them to share any uncomfortable experiences.
  5. Privacy Online: Teach children not to share personal information such as their address, phone number, email, or school on the internet. When possible, use nicknames that don’t reveal their identity.
  6. Address Cyberbullying: Harassment and cyberbullying are unacceptable. Teach your children that the same rules of good behaviour apply online as in real life.
  7. Critical Thinking: Remind children that not everything they read or see online is necessarily true. Encourage them to ask questions and verify information from multiple sources.
  8. Respect Copyright: Educate children that owning and using pirated copies of software, movies, and music is illegal. Explain that downloading someone else’s work without permission is equivalent to stealing from a store.
  9. Online Friendships: Prohibit children from meeting online “friends” without your knowledge. Explain that internet friends may not always be who they claim to be.
  10. Content Filters Aren’t Perfect: Be aware that no content filter is foolproof in blocking inappropriate material.

Remember, fostering open communication and digital literacy is essential for responsible internet use by children.