SPADATAS Project Unveils Solutions for Data Security in Schools at CINAIC 2023 Conference

At the recent CINAIC 2023 conference, held from October 18th to 20th, 2023, in Madrid, the SPADATAS project took the stage, shedding light on pressing issues concerning data security in educational settings. The event featured David Fonseca Escudero, a key member of our team representing Ramon Llull University, who presented our comprehensive findings.

In an effort to raise awareness and support educational institutions, our team conducted an extensive search for relevant online and openly accessible resources. This initiative has produced a carefully developed approach for identifying resources and mapping the outcomes. While the educational field is rich with numerous resources, our rigorous analysis aims to identify the most effective ones for enhancing data protection.

You can read our full research paper titled “Open Educational Resources to Enhance Students’ Data Protection in Schools” in the conference proceedings available at this link.