Empowering Educational Excellence: SPADATAS Project Shines at The 4C’s 4 Erasmus Conference

On October 11, 2023, an event of great significance took place at Belica Primary School – the 4C’s 4 Erasmus Conference. This conference marked the celebration of Erasmus+ Day 2023, and it brought together dedicated members of Erasmus+ teams from various Međimurje schools. The purpose of this gathering was to showcase the remarkable Erasmus+ projects that these teams have been actively implementing. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into project activities, their outcomes, and to share their personal experiences. It was a forum for the exchange of valuable examples of best practices in education.

Among the presenters, Ivana Vadlja and Ivana Ružić, both educators at the First Primary School Čakovec and integral members of the Erasmus+ SPADATAS project team, delivered a compelling presentation. They highlighted the goals, anticipated outcomes, and activities of the SPADATAS project. In addition, they addressed the critical issues surrounding data privacy and security, emphasizing the importance of protecting sensitive information. They shared practical and accessible strategies for safeguarding personal data, engaging in constructive conversations with students’ parents on this topic, and imparting essential knowledge to students regarding safe and responsible online behavior. Their presentation was a testament to the commitment of the Erasmus+ community to fostering a secure and privacy-conscious academic environment at schools.