Successful Workshop on Data Security and Privacy Empowers School Librarians in Međimurje County

In a significant stride towards ensuring the safety and privacy of students and teachers, an expert meeting for school librarians from across Međimurje County took place in December 2023. Hosted at Vinko Žganec Elementary School in Vratišinac, Croatia, this gathering aimed to enhance awareness and expertise in the field of data security and privacy within the educational community.

At the core of this event was a highly informative workshop focused on data security and privacy issues that educators encounter in their daily work. Participants delved deep into discussions surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines tailored to the educational sector. They were also presented with illustrative examples of best practices, while exploring potential risks and learning effective strategies to safeguard and uphold the privacy of both students and teachers.

The workshop was skillfully conducted by Ivana Ružić, a computer science teacher, and a dedicated member of the Erasmus+ SPADATAS project team. Her expertise in the field and commitment to the cause provided attendees with valuable insights and practical knowledge to take back to their respective schools.

A total of 23 dedicated school librarians actively participated in this enlightening session, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. The event not only equipped them with a deeper understanding of data security and privacy but also empowered them to proactively implement measures that promote a safer and more secure educational environment.

This workshop marks a crucial step forward in the mission to enhance data protection and privacy practices within the educational community of Međimurje County. As these school librarians return to their institutions armed with newfound knowledge and confidence, the benefits of this expert meeting will undoubtedly ripple throughout the educational landscape, ensuring a more secure and privacy-conscious future for students and educators alike.