New Questionnaire for Principals: Empower Educational Roles with Digital Skills, Data Literacy, and Data Privacy & Security Competencies

In a significant stride toward advancing the digital landscape of educational institutions, a comprehensive questionnaire has been developed for school principals. This cutting-edge tool aims to assess their digital skills and competencies in alignment with the principles outlined in DigCompEdu, particularly emphasizing data literacy and responsible use of digital competence.

Recognizing the imperative need for educational leaders to acquire digital skills in the modern era, the questionnaire serves as an open tool for auto-assessment and process mapping in data academic management. Detecting areas of improvement, will raise awareness about data fragility and help identify privacy gaps in the treatment of academic data. The objectives of this auto-assessment tool are as follows:

  • Analyzing data literacy proficiency concerning policies, actions, and processes to ensure the privacy, security, and confidentiality of students’ data.
  • Mapping data academic management processes with a strong focus on data protection.
  • Identifying flaws and gaps related to data fragility in data treatment processes.
  • Detecting needs for digital skills, competencies, and knowledge to mitigate data fragility issues in data academic management

By utilizing this questionnaire, schools will have the opportunity to analyze their digital skills and data literacy competencies, thereby bolstering the protection of students’ privacy and security. Additionally, the tool facilitates the mapping of data academic management processes, ensuring the detection of gaps and fostering updates to data treatment policies.

The questionnaire specifically addresses principals’ practices and their role in ensuring data privacy. It focuses on two dimensions: Processes and Agreements and data compliance. Principals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Solid knowledge of relevant laws and regulations concerning data protection and privacy in the educational environment.
  • Ability to disseminate and implement policies and practices for collecting, storing, and utilizing students’ personal information.
  • Skill in leading training and education initiatives for teachers and staff members on data protection and privacy.
  • Commitment to regularly evaluate and update the school’s data protection policies and practices to ensure their adequacy and effectiveness.

By embracing this tool, principals and schools can take proactive measures to enhance their digital proficiency, effectively address data fragility issues, and ensure the continued protection of students’ privacy in the digital age.

The questionnaire is available in different languages and can be downloaded from Zenodo’s project: SPADATAS Principal Questionnaire

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