SPADATAS Data Privacy Teacher Training

We announce the Teacher Training focused on data privacy and fragility in the educational sector. This event will be held online and open on June 26th, 2023, in an effort to empower educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate our increasingly data-driven educational landscape.

In the past decade, the adoption of cloud-based technologies and third-party solutions in schools has created a shift towards a data-driven decision-making paradigm. Though this evolution presents numerous benefits, it also ushers in new challenges related to data privacy, security, and confidentiality.

The upcoming training will provide a comprehensive exploration of these critical topics. The agenda will cover the principles of data privacy, the current state of data management in schools, best practices for data protection, privacy-enhancing technologies, and how to create an emergency response plan for potential data breaches. The training day will also incorporate interactive sessions, case studies, and role-playing activities to foster a practical understanding of the subjects discussed.

We invite educators, administrative staff, and other stakeholders in the educational sector to join us in this transformative journey toward creating a safer digital environment for our students.


SPADATAS June 26th Teacher Training Agenda for Online Moodle Course

09:00 – 09:30Welcome
• Participants presentations
• Moodle:
o Check user access
o Overview of theoretical content and online activities
09:30 – 11.00Content
• Data fragility in education: risks and perils

Activities in groups
• Initial activity “What they know and what they expect” o Share experiences orally
o Draw the ideal situation of schools regarding data protection
• Reflect on content key points with a dynamic on cybersecurity
o Provide illustrations to comment on
11.00 – 11.30Coffee break

11:30 – 14:00
SPADATAS June 26Teacher Training Agenda for Moodle Course
• Cloud Technology: EdTech Apps, Smart Classroom and Artificial Intelligence Activities
• 1st part
o UX Evaluation Autoassessment Tool o UX Codesign of OER website testing
• 2nd part
o Collection of Good practices
o Co-creation of Posters o Workshops guidelines
• Review and present all resources created in the teacher training: Conclusions and Designs.

Upload to Moodle course all Good Practices, Posters, and Workshop design.

We look forward to your participation and together building a secure and privacy-conscious future for our students. To register, please visit the registration link.