SPADATAS Launches Teacher Training Initiative with a Focus on Data Privacy and Security in K-12 Education – June 26th

The day kicked off with an introduction that outlined the mission and objectives of the SPADATAS project, providing context for the critical role of data security in the modern educational landscape. It emphasized the necessity of taking proactive measures to ensure the integrity and security of data in K-12 schools. A comprehensive review of Moodle online course followed the introduction. This review enabled course teachers to better understand the platform’s features and organization of content and activities.

In the “Designing a Secure School” session, the teachers were exposed to the architectural and infrastructural considerations integral to creating a data-secure educational environment. It touched on both physical and digital elements, from secure servers to strong password policies and the role of secure networks.

Design of a secure school: the idea of layers allows the segmentation of the school into security layers.

The teacher training concluded with a user experience (UX) test of the Web Assessment Tool. This hands-on session allowed teachers to assess and comment on areas for improvement of the tool.

The first day of the SPADATAS teacher training served as a call to action for educators, underlining the urgency and importance of data security within K-12 education. The project continues with the promise of further enhancing teachers’ skill sets and expanding their understanding of data fragility.