Ørestad Gymnasium’s Involvement in EU Legislation and Privacy Review

Claus Witfelt, a dedicated teacher at Ørestad Gymnasium (OEG) and a valued member of the SPADATAS project, recently organized a specially designed course focusing on the latest EU legislation, including the Digital Security Act, the Digital Market Act, and the EU AI Act. This course took place on December 14th and was tailored for the school’s Social Science teachers, providing them with valuable insights into these important regulations.

The topics covered in the course included the Digital Services Act, which explores the concept of digital privacy as a new fundamental human right. The course also sparked discussions around the question of whether social media can be effectively controlled to safeguard these rights.

In addition to this educational endeavor, OEG had the privilege of visiting the EU Commission, where they actively participated in a privacy review of a new app related to European citizenship. During the visit to the EU Commission office in Copenhagen, OEG was introduced to the Active European Passport initiative. As part of their engagement, they provided valuable feedback to the app’s developer, focusing on content, usability, and privacy considerations.

This multifaceted engagement showcases OEG’s commitment to staying informed about the latest developments in EU legislation and actively contributing to discussions on digital privacy and citizenship rights.

The community can look forward to more updates as OEG continues to explore and engage with important issues in the world of education and digital society.