SPADATAS Educational Posters: Navigating Digital Privacy and Security in Schools

The “SPADATAS Educational Posters: Navigating Digital Privacy and Security in Schools” series is a result of a teacher training focused on student data security and privacy, held in Barcelona on June 26, 2023. This training aimed to equip educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage and protect student data. The posters serve as educational tools, summarizing key concepts and strategies discussed during the training, and are designed to be used in schools to enhance awareness and understanding of digital privacy and security among students and staff.

Attention – Students should be cautious about their data privacy in the educational ecosystem by using strong, unique passwords for all educational platforms and never sharing them. They should avoid sharing sensitive information like addresses, phone numbers, or financial details online, especially on social media or in chats. Keeping devices secure with updated software and antivirus programs is crucial. Awareness of phishing attempts, being wary of suspicious emails or messages asking for personal data, and avoiding public Wi-Fi for accessing educational materials are also important for safeguarding their personal information.

Project aims – The SPADATAS project poster concisely showcases its main elements. The “Aims” section highlights goals like enhancing data security in educational settings. “Deliverables” are explained with short descriptions of expected outcomes, such as guides and tools for data protection. The “Partners” section features names of collaborating organizations, while the “Target Groups” represent the project’s primary audience, including educators and students, underlining the project’s dedication to safeguarding academic data.

Protect yourself – Data protection and privacy issues directly affect us as individuals living in a digitalized society. Just as you wouldn’t allow anyone to wander through your house uninvited, we shouldn’t let someone access our email or trade with our preferences, purchase trends, etc. This poster highlights the importance of personal data security in the digital realm.

Reward – Nowadays, there are many services and tools that are free in the sense that you don’t have to pay a subscription fee or purchase them. However, these applications profit from the use of our data. This usage should be specified in the terms of use, though typically no one reads them. With this poster, we aim to draw attention to the importance of understanding what terms we are agreeing to when we sign up for any web or mobile application.

SecureID – The purpose of this poster is to visually communicate the complex infrastructure involved in safeguarding student data within educational systems. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of various components like security, compliance with GDPR, smart user policies, and parental controls. By illustrating how student identities are managed through separate email domains for teacher communication and app interaction, the poster highlights the layered approach to data security, combining network protection with identity management and user-awareness, crucial for ensuring the privacy and safety of student information in digital platforms.

We are watching you – This poster serves as a powerful reminder of surveillance on social media platforms. It depicts icons of various social networks, emphasizing how student activities and interactions are constantly monitored. This poster aims to raise awareness among students about digital privacy, the extent of data tracking, and the potential use of their online behavior by these platforms. It encourages thoughtful online engagement and underscores the importance of being cautious with personal information in the digital realm.

Whatsapp – Another problem associated with the use of digital applications without properly managing our privacy is social engineering. Through the information available about us on the Internet (either knowingly or unknowingly), individuals and companies can obtain much more information, such as our passwords. The purpose of this poster is not just about the strength of the passwords we create but also about being vigilant and aware of the information we share online.

All the posters from the “SPADATAS Educational Posters” series can be viewed and downloaded via the following link.