Data Security and Privacy Workshop for Teachers Successfully Held at First Primary School Čakovec

The First Primary School Čakovec recently hosted an important workshop on data security and privacy as part of the Erasmus+ SPADATAS project. Conducted by Ivana Ružić, a computer science teacher and a member of the SPADATAS project team, this workshop attracted the participation of approximately 40 teachers and associates.

The focus of the workshop was to enlighten the attendees on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, emphasizing the vital role of protecting private data. The workshop also shed light on potential security risks associated with data handling and the effective methods to mitigate these risks.

A significant part of the workshop was dedicated to interactive discussions, allowing participants to present and exchange their experiences. This included sharing best practices in storing and processing various types of data, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

This workshop marks a significant step in our commitment to enhancing the data security and privacy knowledge among our educational staff. We are grateful for the enthusiastic participation of the teachers and the invaluable expertise provided by Ivana Ružić.