Equipping 8th Graders to Understand Internet Dangers

Are we aware of all the dangers lurking on the Internet? From February 5 to 9, 2024, Ivana Vadlja, a computer science teacher at the First Primary School in Čakovec, embarked on a mission to address this critical question. In a workshop tailored for 8th-grade students, the focus was squarely on understanding personal data, ensuring safe handling practices, and navigating the digital landscape securely.

Personal data – what is it, and how do we handle it safely? These were the foundational questions that set the tone for the workshop. Students delved into the intricacies of safeguarding their personal information online and explored strategies for protecting it from unauthorized access.

Creating a robust password emerged as another crucial topic of discussion. What constitutes a strong password? Which characters should be utilized to bolster security? These were queries dissected and answered as students learned the art of crafting passwords resilient to cyber threats.

Furthermore, the workshop shed light on safe browsing practices. Armed with knowledge, students discovered techniques to navigate the vast expanse of the Internet while minimizing risks associated with malicious entities and harmful content.

With the prevalence of online shopping, the safety of our financial information becomes paramount. Are our cards secure when making purchases over the Internet? This question prompted students to explore the nuances of online transactions and strategies for safeguarding sensitive financial data.

The culmination of the workshop saw 8th-grade students not only researching these topics but also creating informative papers to disseminate their newfound knowledge. These papers served as educational tools, enriching the understanding of internet safety among lower-grade students.

The SPADATAS project, spearheaded by Ivana Vadlja, exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing the ever-evolving challenges of the digital age. By empowering students with knowledge and practical skills, the project endeavors to foster a safer and more responsible digital community.