Data Privacy Across European Borders: Pupils Teaching Pupils

3rd-grade students in Informatics at Ørestad Gymnasium have developed a series of innovative online courses in the form of apps and games. These educational tools are designed to raise awareness about data privacy across various target groups, demonstrating the importance of protecting personal information in the digital age.

One particularly exciting highlight of the project was a virtual exchange event. Danish students connected with their peers from an Italian class in Vercelli, Italy, engaging in a 1.5-hour discussion about IT, school life in their respective countries, and data privacy. This cross-cultural interaction provided invaluable insights and fostered a sense of global community among the participants.

Teacher Feedback:

  • “This fits very well into our citizenship theme.”
  • “My students enjoyed it. We should repeat it.”
  • “I want my students to make games too!”

The success of these initiatives underscores the effectiveness of interactive and collaborative learning in addressing complex issues like data privacy.