Personal Data and Programming Workshops at First Primary School Čakovec

Learning About Personal Data

First-grade students from First Primary School Čakovec, under the guidance of their teacher Ivana Vadlja, began an educational experience to understand the importance of personal data. The young learners were introduced to the concept of personal data, understanding why it is crucial to protect it and avoid sharing it with unknown individuals. They were also taught about respecting others’ personal data and the necessity of obtaining permission before sharing it.

Practical Application of Knowledge

The students didn’t just stop at theoretical knowledge. They took a hands-on approach by using their personal data—specifically, their usernames and passwords—to log into their email accounts. This practical exercise helped them grasp the real-world implications of keeping their personal information secure.

Integrating Programming and Data Safety

Building on their newly acquired knowledge about personal data, the students participated in programming classes and workshops. They utilized Scratch Jr., a beginner-friendly programming platform, to create engaging stories. Through these stories, they reinforced the importance of safeguarding personal data and reminded each other about data safety practices.