Posters to raise data privacy importance awareness: hang them on the school and classroom walls!

With an increase in online learning and digital platforms being used for education, the need to protect students’ data privacy has never been greater. To this end, we made available a new range of informative posters, highlighting the crucial nature of data security.

The posters are intended to be hung on school and classroom walls as a reminder to students, teachers, and administrative staff about the importance of data privacy.

Print and hung the posters and share them on social media to increase awareness and data protection in schools! Mention us at Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.


Click here to download the posters.

Each poster is unique and insightful, focusing on different aspects of data protection:

  • “Think, Check, Action” encourages everyone to adopt a cautious approach, to scrutinize information before sharing it, and to take definitive steps to safeguard their personal data.
  • The “5 Steps to Protect Student Data” and “5 Recommendations to Protect Student Data” posters offer practical guidelines for securing information. They contain tips, such as using strong passwords, not sharing sensitive information, and understanding privacy settings on different platforms.
  • “Think Before You Click” addresses the dangers, among others, of phishing scams and suspicious links, underscoring the necessity of scrutinizing every click in the digital space.
  • “5 Steps to Secure Data in the Cloud” focuses on the security of cloud-based systems, which are increasingly being used for storage and educational activities. The poster provides steps for ensuring that the data in the cloud is well protected.
  • “Free is Not Free” highlights the hidden costs of free online services, reminding users that these services often come with the risk of personal data being sold or misused.

These posters serve as constant reminders of the importance of data privacy in the education sector. Schools are encouraged to download, print, and display these posters on their premises. By keeping data privacy top of mind, we can collectively ensure a safer digital learning environment for all.

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