Nurturing Digital Safety from an Early Age

On January 26, 2024, the First Primary School in Čakovec witnessed an inspiring workshop led by the computer science teacher, Ivana Vadlja. With a mission to instill digital safety from the youngest age, the 2nd-grade students were enlightened with invaluable insights on navigating the vast realm of the internet responsibly.

From polite greetings to safeguarding personal information, the students showcased an impressive understanding of online etiquette. They emphasized the importance of refraining from sharing personal or sensitive data and the significance of maintaining a positive online presence by avoiding hurtful comments. Moreover, they underscored the necessity of crafting robust passwords and identifying secure web pages adorned with the trusty padlock symbol.

These proactive measures are pivotal in fostering a secure online environment for both ourselves and our peers. Through engaging workshops like these, we empower our youth to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and wisdom.