Safe Internet Browsing: A Learning Experience for 7th Graders

In today’s digital age, the Internet plays an integral role in our daily lives, aiding us in work, education, and leisure activities. However, navigating the vast ocean of online information requires caution. Many websites contain incorrect information and security threats, including viruses that can unknowingly be downloaded through seemingly innocent clicks.

On April 18, 2024, the 7th grade students of First Primary School Čakovec had a unique learning experience under the guidance of their teacher, Ivana Vadlja. They embarked on an educational journey to master safe internet browsing. This initiative aimed to teach them essential skills for secure online navigation.

During their exploration, students learned to identify secure websites, recognizing the significance of protocols that denote safety. They discussed whether these secure sites are universally reliable and explored browsers that offer enhanced security features. Furthermore, they investigated methods to prevent users from accessing unsafe pages and strategies to protect computers from viruses.

This hands-on project not only equipped the students with practical skills for safe internet usage but also fostered critical thinking and digital literacy, preparing them to navigate the online world securely and responsibly.