Protect Your Username and Password

On April 19, 2024, second grade students from the First Primary School Čakovec embarked on an important journey into the world of electronic identities under the guidance of their teacher, Ivana Vadlja. Having learned about personal data in the first grade, these young students now faced the new challenge of using usernames and passwords securely.

During this session, students revisited the critical lesson that all personal data, including usernames and passwords, must be kept private and not shared with anyone. With these principles in mind, they logged into the e-Diary system, reviewed their grades, and responsibly logged out afterward. This hands-on experience reinforced the importance of preventing others from misusing their data.

The students demonstrated their understanding by logging in independently without disclosing their personal information to anyone, showcasing their growing awareness and responsibility in the digital world.

This initiative is a significant step in equipping young learners with the knowledge and habits necessary to protect their electronic identities. The SPADATAS project continues to emphasize the importance of data security from an early age.