Student-Centered, Project-Based Approach = Great Impact

At Ørestad Gymnasium, an Informatics class undertook an ambitious project to create online courses in the form of apps. Embracing a project-based, student-centered approach, this initiative became immensely popular among the participants and had a far-reaching impact on various target groups including peers, teachers, parents, and compulsory school teachers.

The students were given the autonomy to design and develop these apps, focusing on critical topics such as data privacy. This hands-on experience not only enhanced their technical skills but also fostered a deeper understanding of the subject matter. By working on real-world problems and creating practical solutions, the students were able to connect their classroom learning with tangible outcomes, benefiting a wider audience.

The project’s success was evident in its broad dissemination and the positive feedback it received from different stakeholders. The apps developed during the project were shared with various target groups, highlighting the importance of data privacy and offering valuable educational resources. This outreach created a significant impact, raising awareness and understanding of data privacy issues among diverse audiences.

Student Comment

“It was a real pleasure to give something back to my old compulsory school teacher.”

This sentiment reflects the personal growth and satisfaction students experienced through the project. By contributing to their community and seeing the real-world application of their work, students felt a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Overall, the project at Ørestad Gymnasium exemplifies how a student-centered, project-based approach can lead to meaningful learning experiences and impactful outcomes. By empowering students to take charge of their learning and apply their knowledge to real-world challenges, such initiatives can foster a more engaging and effective educational environment.