6th Grade Voices: Promoting Safe Online Practices with SPADATAS

In a recent SPADATAS project event, a total of 18 6th-grade students delved into the world of online safety and responsible behavior on Thursday, January 25, 2024. Led by Ivana Ružić, an IT teacher at the First Elementary School in Čakovec and a dedicated member of our project, the workshop focused on the crucial topic of safeguarding personal data.

During the engaging session, the students explored fundamental questions: What constitutes personal data? How can we securely store them? Which personal data can be shared and with whom? These are questions that often remain unanswered or under-discussed, even though they are vital in today’s digital age.

The highlight of the workshop was the students’ collaborative efforts to provide guidance for their peers. They crafted informative advice and designed an eye-catching poster, which is now displayed proudly in the school corridor. This initiative serves as a beacon of awareness for all students at the school and reinforces the importance of responsible online behavior.

We applaud the enthusiastic 6th-grade students for their commitment to promoting online safety and raising awareness about the significance of safeguarding personal data. Their efforts align perfectly with the SPADATAS project’s mission, and we look forward to more impactful activities in the future.