Collaborative Exchange at First Primary School Čakovec

During the last week of February, First Primary School Čakovec was the proud host to a group of eight educators from Școala Gimnazială Nr. 1 Mârșani in Romania. This gathering was part of a collaborative effort under the SPADATAS project, aimed at enhancing educational methods through the use of technology.

Representatives from First Primary School Čakovec, including teachers Anita Novak, Ivana Vadlja, and Ivana Ružić, presented practical examples of safe and responsible technology usage within their teaching frameworks. These sessions highlighted the ongoing initiatives within the SPADATAS project and served as a foundation for discussion on the challenges and strategies related to technology use in both educational settings and everyday life.

The event was an excellent opportunity for participants to share best practices and discuss the implementation of technology in a safe and responsible manner. The visit fostered an enriching exchange of ideas and experiences, strengthening the partnership between the two institutions.

First Primary School Čakovec remains committed to the goals of the SPADATAS project and values the continuous exchange of knowledge and practices with its partner institutions across Europe.