Ensuring the Safety and Recognition of Your Creations

In today’s digital age, safeguarding your personal data and creative works is crucial. Many works are often used without proper attribution, leading to copyright infringement. To address this issue, the 3rd-grade students from First Primary School Čakovec, under the guidance of their teacher Ivana Vadlja, undertook a comprehensive learning experience to understand the importance of copyright.

During their lessons, students delved into what copyright is and why it holds significance in protecting intellectual property. They learned essential skills such as how to properly cite literature sources, including books, online content, and web pages. Additionally, they explored the practical steps to protect their own creations by using copyright symbols.

Through this initiative, SPADATAS aims to empower young minds with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their works and ensure they receive the recognition they deserve. By educating the next generation about the value of intellectual property, we hope to foster a culture of respect and integrity in the digital landscape.