Teaching the Next Generation: Data Security in the Cloud

As the cloud becomes an integral part of our daily lives, ensuring the security of our data stored within it is paramount. The SPADATAS project is dedicated to advancing knowledge and practices around data security in cloud environments. A recent event underscores our commitment to educating the next generation on these vital skills.

On April 4, 2024, a class of enthusiastic fourth graders at First Primary School Čakovec, led by their teacher Ivana Vadlja, embarked on a practical learning journey about using Microsoft OneDrive securely. The session focused on essential practices to protect personal data while leveraging the cloud for storage and document sharing.

Key learnings from the session included:

  • Secure Login Practices: Students were instructed on the importance of keeping passwords confidential to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Selective Sharing: The class learned how to set document permissions to ensure that only intended recipients, such as friends, could access the documents.
  • Password Protection and Access Limits: They applied additional security measures by password-protecting documents and setting restrictions on download times.

This initiative not only teaches students about the technical aspects of using cloud services but also instills a strong sense of digital responsibility. As cloud technology evolves, so too must our approaches to maintaining the security and privacy of our data.