Innovative Educational Prototype on Data Privacy and GDPR

Understanding the complexities of data privacy and GDPR regulations can be daunting, particularly for younger audiences. To address this challenge, a talented group of students from the University of South Denmark has developed a groundbreaking prototype that blends elements of gaming and social media into an educational tool.

This innovative prototype is designed to engage students in interactive scenarios where they must make informed decisions about what to share online. By simulating a social media environment with game-like challenges, the tool helps students understand the consequences of their digital actions in a fun and captivating way.

Recently, we had the opportunity to test this prototype with three classes from Ørestad Gymnasium. The sessions were highly interactive, with students actively participating and providing valuable feedback on their experience. They navigated through various challenges that required them to decide which pictures were appropriate to post, fostering a practical understanding of data privacy principles.

The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. They found the prototype not only educational but also immensely engaging. Their active participation and the insightful comments they shared highlight the potential of this tool to make learning about data privacy and GDPR both accessible and enjoyable.

We believe that this prototype represents a significant step forward in data privacy education. It not only raises awareness among students about the importance of safeguarding personal information but also empowers them with the knowledge to navigate the digital world responsibly.